Keto Full Moon Cookies

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8-Pieces Per Pack

The Full Moon Keto Cookies are rich, tasty and bursting with flavours. The texture is light, soft and melt-in-your-mouth.

Sugar free. Gluten free
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The Full Moon Keto Cookies are rich, tasty and bursting with flavours.  The texture is light, soft and melt-in-your-mouth.  They are the perfect indulgent treat for any time of the day. With only 2g net carb per cookie, you can rest easy and enjoy.  They come in five varieties - plain, walnuts, lemon glaze, lebkuchen and ginger. We recommend enjoying them with coffee or tea.

Sugar free. Gluten free.

8-Pieces Per Pack


Key Nutritional Info 

Butter, almond flour, erythritol, eggs, organic coconut flour, vanilla, salt
Allergens: Eggs, nuts, dairy


Weight per cookie ~20g

Nutrition per piece

Net carbs 2g

Total carbs 5.2g

Sugars 1.8g

Fiber 3.4g

Protein 4.6g

Fat 13.6g

Calories 156 Kcal


Special Instructions

We use all natural ingredients and no preservatives in our cookie. They should be consumed as soon as possible. Store in air-tight container and keep at room temperature for up to one week.  Freezing is possible for up to one month.