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Shirataki konjac noodles are a perfect substitute for traditional noodles . Now you can enjoy eating a good plate of pasta whenever you feel like it without worrying about your diet
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Shirataki  konjac noodles are a perfect substitute for traditional noodles . Now you can enjoy eating a good plate of pasta whenever you feel like it without worrying about your diet; konjac shirataki pasta is healthy and suitable for all types of diets!  


The pasta is cooked and since it has no flavor, you just have to mix it with your favorite ingredients to give it your personal touch.


Made from the konjac plant, like all our products, konjac paste is 100% vegetable, does not contain any allergens and only has 7kcal per 100g . Did you know that 100g of lettuce contains 15kcal? So don't worry and add konjac noodles to your menu whenever you want.


The konjac plant has been used for more than 2000 years in Asia for its multiple benefits to lose weight, improve type 2 diabetes, maintain normal cholesterol levels and regulate intestinal transit.


All packages contain 200 net grams of pasta.


Ingredients : purified water, amorphophallus konjac (3.6%), stabilizer (E526)

Does not contain any allergens



– These are instant noodles, so they are ready to eat.

– Open the package and add a sauce or add the pasta to the recipe you are preparing.

– It is not necessary to clarify them.


Attention: cooking the pasta does not alter its texture. For this reason, if you need it you can cook it for the time necessary to make your recipe.



– Keep in a cool, dry place at room temperature

– Refrigerate after opening and keep for a maximum of 3 days. Do not freeze 


Nutritional values ​​per 100g

* Percentage values ​​based on a 2,000 calorie diet

  Por100g %IDR*
Energy 29kJ/7kcal 0,4%
fats <1g 1,4%
Of which saturates <0,02g 0,1%
carbohydrates 0,5g 0,2%
Of which sugars <0,5g 0,6%
Dietary fiber 2.6g 10,4%
proteins <2g 4%
Sal 0,07 1,2%